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Green Roof Benefits

From the ancient Hanging Gardens of Babylon in Mesopotamia to the modern-day High Line in Manhattan, green roofs have been providing a myriad of benefits for both humans and other species for thousands of years. They absorb excess rainwater to reduce sewage overflow into water systems, moderate surrounding temperatures during the excess summer heat, reduce building energy costs, decrease carbon emissions, improve air quality, and provide essential green space and habitats for both humans and wildlife. 

Educational green roofs also provide hands-on learning opportunities for students across all grades and subjects such as English Language Arts, mathematics, social studies, art, health and wellness, and movement. Also, students with learning, physical, sensory, and emotional disabilities can benefit from outdoor education. Today, it is imperative that ALL students have the opportunity to reconnect with nature and develop the necessary skills to solve the complex environmental challenges they will be facing. 

Read more about the benefits of educational green roofs.


 Zee Lehar

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