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Pre-K through 12th grade standards based green roof lesson plan resources for educators. 


Kingsland Wildflowers at Broadway Stages

Green Roof Teacher's Guide

Grades Pre-K through 5

By Vicki Sando

"What Is a Green Roof?" Children's Picture Book 

By Vicki Sando and Illustrated By Zee Lehar

The Roof Is Growing!

A classroom program developed by the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) to engage and educate middle school students (grades 6-8) about green roofs and their environmental benefits.

It's Easy Being Green! Green Roof Design Project

Grades 5 and up

Using 3D Printing and Modeling to Enhance a Green Roof Lesson

Students will use model buildings to compare runoff between a control building without a green roof and the experimental roof that has soil seeded with grass seed.

Green Roof Design

Design a 5,000-square-foot green roof for a fictional apartment row house in Brooklyn.

Grades 9-12

Build a Green Roof

Students learn about the types of projects that landscape architects work on and then create their green roof using a shoebox. 

Rooftop Gardens

Students explore whether rooftop gardens are a viable option for combating the urban heat island effect. Can rooftop gardens reduce the temperature inside and outside houses? 

Grades 6-9

Structural Engineering Lesson Plans

Try Engineering

All grades

Architecture- it's Elementary!

Grades K-5

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